Would you like to learn ITALIAN from the basics or simply improve it in a simple and fun way.
This course will help you acquire the essential language skills to communicate in any situation.

Who's it for?

This course is for Tourists, foreign Students in Italy on scholarships from various Universities, Adults and Professionals.

Course Content

Tuscany Language Academy, a highly qualified language school, offers you an innovative Educational Program with certified Mother Tongue Teachers in Modern and Multimedia Classrooms.
Key areas include:
  • Active speaking;
  • Listening to a range of different audio materials;
  • Practical grammar;
  • Expanding vocabulary;
  • Better communication strategies;
  • Confident and fluent reading;
  • Better writing skills;
  • Discussions and role-plays;
  • Pronunciation;
  • Exercises for the preparation of the International Certification Exam of Italian (CELI).


You can choose from:
  • Group Courses;
  • Private Lessons: individual, in pairs or in mini-Groups.

The Benefits

At the end of the course you can expect to:
  • Be able to communicate more confidently;
  • Be able to speak more accurately and fluently;
  • Be able to improve your grammar and vocabulary;
  • Be able to socialize in Italian more effectively.

How to attend the Course

You can attend classes either at our school or Online.
The Online course includes:
  • Multimedia platform accessible from computers, smartphones and tablets;
  • Classroom webcam for interaction with the teacher;
  • Sharing multimedia content with Participants
  • Educational program based on the official textbook as for the ordinary courses;
  • 1 Monthly meeting in the classroom with the teacher (optional).

Included in fees

  • Placement Test to assess your knowledge of Italian;
  • Course materials and resources;
  • Language Lab: interactive Coursebook and Workbook with access to online resources;
  • Desk support;
  • Detailed end of course progress report: Italian Certificate of Achievement.

Special Courses

As an alternative to the standard educational program, you can also follow a course of the same duration for specific countries:

General Upgrades

Do you need to improve any key area of the language? You can add extra hours of private lessons (Upgrade) whenever you want:
  • Intensive Course Upgrade: 2 extra hours a week;
  • Super Intensive Course Upgrade: 4 extra hours a week.

Preparation for International Certification Exams

Would you like to study or work abroad and need a preparation for the International Certification Exam of Italian (CELI)? Find out our specific Educational Program where we will help you prepare with numerous sample tests.
You can choose from:
  • Group Course: 30 hours;
  • Individual Course: personalized lessons.

Italian for Travel

Do you need to feel confident while traveling for Tourism or Business? Follow this essential course either separately or upgrading the main course.
You will find the most useful terms in business and in real situations during your stay abroad:
  • in hotel;
  • at the restaurant;
  • at breakfast;
  • at lunch;
  • at dinner;
  • on the phone;
  • by taxi;
  • by auto;
  • a job interview;
  • collecting information for a business trip;
  • checks or cash?
  • public transport;
  • a change of plans;
  • post office;
  • emergency;
  • pharmacy;
  • shopping;
  • museums and exhibitions;
  • shows;
  • at the airport.

Course details

  • Course Duration
    65 hours
  • Special Courses
    Italian for the Dutch; Italian for the Chinese
  • General Upgrades
    extra hours of lessons (+ 2 o 4 extra hours a week)
  • Preparation for Certification Exams
    30 hours
  • Italian for Travel
    20 hours
  • Minimum Age
  • Lesson duration
    2 hours each
  • Class size
    5/10 students for lessons at School – 5/6 students for the Online course
  • Schedule

    contact us for further information.


Italian Level

  • A1
  • A1+
  • A2
  • A2+
  • B1
  • B2
  • B2+
  • C1
  • C2


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